Using gambling losses as tax deduction

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You may use your gambling losses as the tax deduction equal to the amount of the gambling winnings inside the same financial calendar year. For anyone to claim the gambling losses, one must itemize the deductions on the Schedule A and then file the federal income tax returns on Form 1040. Then one would make two part entries, with losses on the Schedule A and winnings on the Form 1040.


Plan ahead of time by keeping a precise gambling journal of the losses and winnings; keeping good records normally reduces the tax bite if you are having a large win. In the journal, list the date, amounts you lost or won the name and the address or even the website name of your gambling establishment. Also, take into account the wager type and be exact for instance, “Lost $20 on Rising Son in the 5th race at Hialeah.”


Declare all your gambling wins on line 21 of the IRS Form 1040. Also include any wins reported to you on the Form W-2G, the form is also supplied to IRS by the gambling institution that delivers it to you. Include any earnings that were withheld for taxes by your gambling institution in the overall amount that you will enter for the line 64, on the IRS Form 1040.


Verify the gambling losses with originals or copy documents for instance of KENO and lottery tickets purchased. As well as the wagering tickets, canceled checks, bank withdrawal record, credit card record, records of the casino table casino bonus ohne einzahlung numbers and slot machine numbers where you gambled. Also, include any statements of the winnings and the payments that were given to you by the gambling establishments.


Declare all the gambling losses on line 27 under the “Other Miscellaneous Deductions” of the Form 1040 (IRS Schedule A). The amount should not exceed the declared gambling wins on line 21 of the IRS Form 1040. Use the “Statement by Person(s) Receiving Gambling Winnings,” IRS Form 5754 if tax liability for the gambling wins is shared with others.

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