Poker Sites that use fake money

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It is not always that people resort to poker games as a gambling option. There are many across the world that plays poker not to earn money but just to have a good time. Just like people like to visit casinos to have a great time, they are known to visit poker sites to do the same.

So, if you are not interested to play poker online for money then there are many online sites developed for your needs. While some poker sites offer real money option where you can bet real money, gamble with them and also earn real money. There are some that offer fake money options also. This is a great boon for those who simply want to enjoy a game of poker without any monetary involvement. They just want to sharpen their poker skills and have a good time playing the game. As a player, the game they select would entirely depend on the kind off experience that they are looking out for.

There are various kinds of fake money websites that are easily found on the net. As compared to real money sites they are almost identical except the small part that one plays with real money and the other fake money. This is a great option for the not so sure poker players and novices who can play the fake money poker games to sharpen their poker skills before plunging into real money poker sites. This helps them to test their knowledge and learn more tricks without having any kind of financial liability. In fact, there are many poker sites that initially allow one to test waters with a fake money game and then eventually graduate to a real money game.

Rewards Offered by Fake Money Sites:

A common misconception amongst players is the fact that fake money sites are not up the mark. They suffer from the beliefs that fake money sites are inferior to real money one’s. They think that in order to derive maximum pleasure from the site, one must actually ensure that they opt for a real money site. However, reality is far from this. In real life the fake money sites are known to have almost same graphic experience as compared to real money sites. The fact that most sites have options to play poker games in both fake money as well as real money options drives home the point.

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